#Givepink Tuesday 28th November

Today is #Givepink which has been put together to raise awareness of Breast Cancer and try to help generate donations to the charity Breast Cancer Care.

I am keen to help raise awareness as my Mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in July 2015.  You always think it won’t happen to you or a loved one so when it does, it is a shock!  Thanks to new technology, the radiotherapy treatment that my Mum received was done in such a way that it aimed to protect vital organs whilst the radiation is being given…..without which there would have been possible damage to her heart!  Awareness is vital ….. my Mum had NO symptoms and the cancer was found on a routine Mammogram but there are people who think a lump is the only sign to look out for!

1 in 8 women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer and being aware of the symptoms can increase the chances of it being found, diagnosed and treated as early as possible.

Visit your Doctor if you notice any of the following:


Going to the doctor needn’t be scary!  I have been twice in the last few years with a ‘lump’ and I was seen within two weeks.  Nurses and Doctors alike made me feel like I did the right thing going to see them about it despite the fact it turned out to be nothing more than cysts!  I was also reassured to go back again if I was worried in the future.  Scans don’t hurt, Mammograms don’t hurt….I was petrified having heard stories of Mammograms….honestly, they’re fine!

Can you help raise awareness?  

Join the #givepink campaign on Instagram and post a picture wearing pink and using the hashtag #givepink

Can you donate?

If you can donate directly please follow the link Breast Cancer Care site

I’ll be joining the #givepink campaign on Instagram later today……..are you?

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments box below or on my facebook page. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook….links below🙂



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