Instagram Challenge!! Join in!


Instagram challenges are great in my opinion!  Some days you want to post on Instagram but can’t find a theme or need a bit of inspiration on what to post….these challenges help with that!  Almost like help with writers block but in photos!

I have teamed up with Nerida of Space of Beauty to come up with a beauty challenge for September and I’m inviting YOU to join in!

This is what you do:

Using the post below (feel free to copy and share!), post to Instagram, your interpretation of the day as it is listed.  Use the hashtag #septemberbeautychallenge2017 so we can all see the posts you’ve come up with and that’s it!  You don’t have to join in every day…do as much or as little as you like!!    It’s all for fun!

You can use this photo to share or check it out on my Instagram

So what will you post??


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