Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

Since around December last year I have been making changes to my skin care routine…as gradually as I can but at the same time just paying attention to what my skin needs and so far it’s working out ok!

As much as I want to re-update my skin care routine blog, I want to give products a chance so I can review them properly and individually so I thought I would post about one product that has become a go-to product for me.

Having oily/combo skin I have always thought that I need to get rid of oils from my skin and not use oils on my skin!  I am finding now however that actually using the right type of ‘oils’ is helping my skin no end!

Clinique Take The Day Off Balm is my new best friend!  I have used all kinds of makeup removers in the past and eventually I find that they either dry my skin out or make my eyes extremely dry and sometimes sore by the time I have attacked them with numerous cotton wool soaked pads with whatever lotion I’ve decided to use!

The whole ‘Double-Cleanse’ idea that I read on a blog by Caroline Hirons is one that again I didn’t think I would do…in part through thinking it’s just adding more time onto taking my makeup off and when I’m tired…can I really be bothered?  All I can say since I started doing it is ‘BE BOTHERED PEOPLE!!!‘  your skin will thank you for it!.   I only double-cleanse when I have been wearing makeup or at least SPF…other than that it would only be one cleanser…which I am still trying out which other cleanser I prefer so there’ll be another blog on that soon!

This cleanser is one that I tried the liquid version for lids, lashes and lips….and I didn’t like it.  I found it really drying around my eyes and it didn’t remove my eye make up even though it was meant to!


This product is a solid white balm which as you apply it turns into a smooth oil and in my opinion is amazing!  I scoop a small amount from the solid balm and apply it to my whole face while it is dry (and still full of makeup or even just SPF).


The most important part for me is that I can massage this around my eyes and it just demolishes my eye makeup including waterproof mascara and the fiber lash mascara if I have used that.   I then remove it with a flannel or muslin cloth and warm water.

I then apply a second cleanser, which at the moment is Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam.  I then wash this off again with a cloth and pat my face dry.

My skin is clean and completely free of makeup…no more panda eyes which I have suffered even when I’ve used so called ‘eye makeup remover’ previously.

If I have not worn any makeup or SPF then I will just use the cleansing foam from the 2nd stage.  I am currently looking at other cleansers because my morning cleanser and this night time one from Estee Lauder both make my skin a little dry which is fine given how many serums and moisturisers I use afterwards but I have been reading all about using oil cleansers and that they can be great for my skin type so I will be back with an update on this when I have found one that I like.  I have re-visited the Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm so will be re-reviewing this!

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