M&S Beauty Calendar – Christmas Day!

Christmas Day has been and gone already!  It’s now Boxing Day and I am writing about Day 25 of the M&S beauty advent calendar today because as much as I intended to blog every day in December as part of ‘Blogmas’, Christmas Day wasn’t one of them as that’s a day for spending time with family and not sat at a computer editing posts and photos!  Today isn’t exactly that day either however today I am spending the day in PJs, on the sofa and watching more episodes of Game of Thrones (Yes, I am new to it and yes I see the addiction!) so thought I would also reveal the final item of the beauty calendar.

Day 25:

‘My favourite things……’ Makeup Bag


Day 25 is this cute makeup bag with ‘My favourite things…’ on the front.  As much as the whole contents of the calendar aren’t going to fit in here, make up bags are super handy for travel.   I’ll admit, I don’t actually carry a makeup bag around in my handbag but there’s plenty of times I need a little bag to put my favourites in, for a night away or when travelling for longer I also take a number of makeup bags for separating skincare, makeup, brushes and so on (yes, I’m fussy….).

When my Mum goes away she gets me to help her separate her skincare into two different bags, one for day and one for night which I think is a great idea!  Travel essentials quite often are in miniature and without her glasses on, my Mum can’t necessarily see the description for each item (she can see the item but the writing is usually pretty small!) so she knows she has a cleanser and eye cream, serum, moisturiser etc so then doesn’t need her glasses on to distinguish her day and night serums and creams.

So, the moral of the story is, you can never have to many makeup bags!!!  😛  Who agrees????

Thank you to everyone for following the unboxing of this M&S advent calendar.  I think going by comments on Instagram and on here, that many would agree that this has been a fantastic calendar.  This is the second year running that I have had this and without a doubt would buy it again next year.  They are such a fabulous way of being introduced to new products, half of which I would have easily walked past in store or scrolled past on line!  Two prime examples are the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm and the Formula Absolute Sleep Cream, both of those are ones I tried from last year’s calendar and have continued to purchase this year so now I have another mini size which will be great for travelling as I know I already love those products.

The box itself will be kept and re-used….how?  More on that soon so watch this space!

Did you have a beauty advent calendar?  I’d love to know what other great ones are out there!!

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