M&S Beauty Calendar Day 18

Box 18 is a new one for me in that I haven’t heard of this brand before (again, another great reason to have a beauty advent calendar!!).

I will admit, as much as I am all about good skincare, it kinda stops at my face & neck!  I apply body lotion when I get out of the shower but really, do I pay any attention to what the lotion is meant to do or am I just applying it for the sake of applying it?  I have a feeling it is the latter!  Receiving this product today however has got me thinking about how much I probably neglect the skin on the rest of my body!

Today’s box is:

Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion


I had a look into this body lotion as I was intrigued at the fact it contains Lactic Acid which is a naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA).  AHA’s are used a lot in skin care for resurfacing / exfoliating the skin.  The good thing I noticed straight away is that in the list of ingredients, Lactic Acid is the first on the list after water meaning there’s more of it than other ingredients.  (Ingredients are listed in order of highest amount in the product so in this case, water then lactic acid before anything else.)  I usually look at ingredients lists when products claim to contain something active to see how high up the list it is!

In this body cream, the ‘Unique LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex‘ is said to immediately replenish and significantly enhance moisture in the skin.

The aims of it are to improve the appearance of ‘bumpy chicken skin’, remove dead skin cells, unblock hair follicles, promote surface skin cell renewal, resurface rough and dry skin, and also to soften, smooth and condition the skin through intense hydration.  Read more at M&S Website

Paraben free, alcohol free and suitable for all skin types ….. sounds great!

As with all acids, they can increase the skin’s sensitivity when exposed to the sun so SPF is vital on any uncovered areas.  Maybe trying this product now in winter when I’m always wearing jeans (I’m keen to test it out on my legs thanks to the rough, bumpy skin!!) so I’m thinking this is a good time to get testing it out!

Price wise, £22.50 for 200ml makes this 50ml trial size worth just over £5.50  50ml is a great travel size too!

I have high hopes for this body cream so will be back to report my thoughts on it when I’ve used it for a while.

Are you good with skincare below the neck or do you neglect your body?


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