Christmas Beauty Brawl day 7

‘Berry Toned Lipstick’ is day 7 of the Christmas Beauty Brawl (which admittedly I’m a day behind on!  Oooops!!)

Most of my lipsticks are corals and pinks so for the berry tone, I have chosen my new Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in the shade ‘Metallic Rose’.


This is a new purchase for me, which mentioned in my post Another New York Haul as being something I picked up in Macy’s when I was in New York….that seems so long ago now!!!  😦

These lipglosses are opaque so can either be worn alone or over lipstick, I do both.  I have a matte lipstick that I am not keen on the shade as it is a little on the cool-toned side, so I pop a bit of this over the top and it brightens it up and adds a bit of warmth to it.

I am very fussy with lipglosses as I can’t stand anything that is too sticky on my lips and this is a winner on that level as of course no lipgloss will be not at all sticky but it is comfortable to wear and doesn’t leave my lips with a horrible residue like some can.


The flat applicator is a decent size for application so you don’t need to use too many swipes of this to get the desired coverage but I have found if I need to add a bit more, it builds absolutely fine.

As you’ll see in the scores, I only scored it 75 on price….this is purely because I think £17 for a lipgloss is a bit on the pricey side, however, Anastasia Beverly Hills is a quality brand (of whom I adore!) so yes I would still pay that.  I also don’t go through lipglosses too quickly so they last me a while.

Scores from 100?


What’s your favourite lipstick shade?

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