25 Days of Blogging – Countdown to Christmas Day 5 :)

Today’s product is one that I won’t be doing a usage review on just yet, purely because it is a hair oil and I have 2 other hair oils already on the go!

That said I will tell you about it!


Josh Wood Guardian of Colour Hair Treatment Oil

This hair oil contains Pracachy oil and Kukui nut to help nourish and condition hair.  It can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment before washing hair, a moisturising pre-styling treatment, or as a finishing oil to add shine to the hair.

Personally I have only just started using oils in my hair and find my hair to be in much better condition since using them.  I only use a tiny amount so I would imagine just this little bottle will last me a while.  Testing and reviewing this oil will be done at another point but I did open it just to smell it and it is quite a pleasant smell but by comparison to the oils I currently use, it does smell slightly stronger, almost like a hairspray smells.  The Ultimate Blends and Hask Argan oil both have quite a sweet smell to them.  That said I will still use it and post my opinion of the results soon 🙂

These are the oils I am currently switching between and they both smell amazing.  My hair feels so soft when I have used either of them.  I tend to use the Ultimate blends on a daily basis (a tiny tiny amount!!) and it smoothes the ends of my hair brilliantly with no greasiness.  The Hask Argan Oil I use just before a dry my hair.

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