M&S Beauty Advent Calendar – Day 25 – This Works

Merry Christmas!!

It’s here, it’s day 25 of the M&S Beauty Advent Calendar … oh and Christmas Day of course! The last 25 days have been fun opening a little beauty treat box each day … my ideal countdown!!

Today’s treat is one that we all deserve … time to relax!

This Works, Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

This works deep sleep pillow Spray
This Works – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

This bedtime spray, aids relaxation to help reduce sleep anxiety at night-time and improve sleep quality. The blend of Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile help to relax the mind before bedtime.

Personally I really struggle getting to sleep as I tend to do my thinking at night rather than being able to just get to sleep. I stress about things I haven’t managed to do during the day and what I need to make sure I do the next day and so on. No matter what time I fall asleep, my alarm goes off at 7am to get the kids ready for school so I really need to get out of the cycle! I have used this before and it has a lovely relaxing scent to it. I can’t spray it on my pillow as I do react to it … or at least I believe I do as my skin seemed to have a rash the following morning. That said, there is a warning that it may cause skin reaction so this time I think I will spray it onto something that I could perhaps just pop next to my bed. I do believe it is relaxing and works to help clear my busy mind so why I haven’t thought to try this again I don’t know!!

It is paraben free, alcohol free and vegan friendly. Retailing at £18 for 75ml, today’s box is worth £2.40.

So that’s it!! That’s the whole calendar! 25 days of mini treats covering makeup, skincare, beauty tools and nail colour. At some point in the next week or so I will revisit the whole calendar and show you my favourites and overall opinion of it.

Thank you to M&S Beauty for giving me the chance to review the calendar.

Do you have a beauty advent calendar?  If so I’d love to know what treats you’re getting too! 

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