Hit or Miss? Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation…

I have always said that when purchasing a foundation…always get a sample to take home and try in natural light and together with the rest of your usual makeup…..

Fast forward to a December shopping trip to Westfield, London and me spotting a brand new Charlotte Tilbury shop had opened!  My hubby and I had gone straight to Westfield whilst the kids were at school so the whole shopping centre was so quiet…which was great! I had to go in and have a ‘look’ at what all of the hype is over the Magic Foundation….along with a few other bits (has to be done!).


The staff were friendly and welcoming and before I knew it I was sat in one of the tall chairs in front of a beautifully lit makeup station.  The makeup I was wearing was removed, other lotions were applied including of course the well known Magic Cream which was devine when it was applied!  This was then followed by Wonder Glow and then the foundation.  It didn’t stop there!  This was set using the Airbrush Flawless Finish powder and then bronzer and so on…my skin looked and felt AMAZING!!!!

I couldn’t help myself……Magic Foundation, along with some little samples of Wonder Glow and Magic Cream somehow made their way into a neat little burgundy Charlotte Tilbury bag and I was on my way home……just to clarify….purchased, not stolen! Hahaha!

I live approximately an hour away from Westfield, so by the time I got home it was around 2 hours after the makeup had been applied.  I looked in the mirror when I got home and no word of a lie, I looked like a greasy mess 😦   Surely this was just because so many other products had been applied to my skin in such a quick succession (the whole application from skincare to finished look took less than 10minutes!) that it must have just been all of that.    I did email Charlotte Tilbury to ask about this as the foundation is meant to be Matte and long lasting, perfect for my skin type…their response was the Wonder Glow isn’t something you would use under this foundation…ummm ok, I didn’t you did! 😛

Since then I have tried to make this foundation work because when it is applied it really does give a beautiful finish to the skin.

I’ve tried it in the following ways….

  • Over the PUR primer
  • Over moisturiser
  • Over Dior Forever and Everwear primer
  • Over the Hourglass primer (this was probably the better result but not by much)
  • With NARS setting powder
  • With Laura Mercier setting powder
  • Using the Wayne Goss method of powder under the foundation and over the top

I cannot get this foundation to last on me and what sealed the deal for me was a friend asking me if it’s really worth it if I’ve got to try and ‘make’ it work…which is true….

As I say this foundation is amazing when it is applied, blends beautifully, colour corrects and doesn’t feel heavy, dry or cakey for a ‘matte’ foundation.

Here are some photos of my makeup at the point of finishing application….unfortunately I didn’t think to take any ‘updates’ which I would now do in future.

As you can hopefully tell….the finish is great…and I really wanted to like this foundation but I just can’t get it to last on my skin so it’s a ‘Miss’ from me 😦

I have since emailed Charlotte Tilbury again and they have agreed to accept it back based on the mis-advice I was given in the first instance about the suitability to my skin etc, not for a refund but website credit which is fine.

So back to my original advice…..if you’re looking for a new foundation….or like me, weren’t actually looking to buy one but end up being tempted…ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS ask for a sample to take home to try first!!!!!!!!

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30 thoughts on “Hit or Miss? Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation…

  1. Rachel Oates says:

    Great bit of advice here! I’ll admit I’ve always been a bit careless buying foundation in the past – I just try it on my wrist then have a walk around to look at it in different lights but I’ll definitely be trying proper samples from now on when I grab a new one! 🙂

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  2. stashy says:

    I think Charlotte Tilbury’s foundations and the Magic Cream are more geared toward older women and those with very dry skin. I wouldn’t go near this myself (I have combo skin). She needs to release one that’s long wearing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Joyce Belfort says:

    I had a very similar experience with CT. The foundation is an epic fail on me for a very similar reason. I think the whole concept that it is for all skin type is ridiculous. Their sales pitch was just way too strong. Plus I had a reaction with their magic cream. It was more instant allergy though. Good thing that you got a refund.

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