Mode Makeup – Certificate in Professional Makeup Artistry

Monday 22nd January and after a heavy weekend of dancing including the first competition of the year at Lymington on the Sunday, I started what was to be an intensive course in Professional Makeup Artistry at Mode!  I had been looking forward to this course as it is the main course that I was interested in when I was researching the best routes to take in training.  Having completed the Mode Makeup – Bridal Hair Up Course the week prior, I was happy I knew where I was going and that the studio itself would be familiar so any anxiety I had over that was clear.

Arriving at the course and meeting Tutor Raj Basi who is a lovely Hampshire based Makeup Artist, any other pre-conceived anxieties were also put at ease.

The course itself was to cover an array of topics not just in the application of makeup and makeup looks, but also the business side of things, how to price, how to conduct consultations and also the very handy kit list…a vital part of the set up as I have just found out!  Having a list to work from when researching which products I want to add to my kit has certainly helped!

Initially working on each other, we got to try out skin prep, foundation matching, eye looks, brows, bronzer, highlight, lips, lashes, the whole look!  We were then able to test this new found knowledge out on another Makeup Artist Jenny, who had also been where we were and had previously graduated from this same course.  A friend of mine Nicola, also came in and let us test some looks out on her…one of which went slightly off-plan with purples, yellows, butterflies, feathers and gems but that’s the beauty of the course, it was a chance to experiment!


On the final day it was the Portfolio day!  Armed with a mood board of makeup looks plus what we had learnt in the previous four days of intensive information and practice we took to our models in preparation for a photoshoot!  I intended to create a simple, natural looking bridal look followed by something that incorporated the Pantone Colour of the Year, Ultra-Violet.


I am so glad I took a before and after shot with Raj’s makeup because it’s good to see the difference the application techniques make.  Inner corner highlight, brows, lashes etc all make such a difference to a finished look!

After completing what turned out to be an ultra-violet inspired fashion look, I then completed a simple and natural bridal look accompanied by a bold red lip on Anna.  Following the photoshoot we were presented with our course completion certificates.  A couple of weeks later I received some images ready for my website and social media!

Here’s some of my faves!

Driving home that evening I had a sense of achievement coupled with the excitement of what the future may hold for my career.  Plenty of practice required and a get-up-and-go attitude in driving myself forwards is key.

I can’t recommend Mode enough!  Raj’s teaching style was super informative, hands on, supportive and fun.  Her knowledge not just of makeup application and technique but of the industry as a whole is invaluable.   I would definitely take up further, advanced training with them!

Since finishing this course, I have taken steps to set myself up.  I have a new website, Insurance, pro-discounts enabling me to build my kit, getting as much practice as I can, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest accounts all set up and as of yesterday’s post, I now have the all important business cards!  All of this information will of course be in a blog post to come so keep an eye out for that including the latest photoshoot!


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments box below or on my facebook page. Check out my social media….links below🙂




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