My Week in Instagram Pics

Last week was such a busy week that Instagram was kept up but unfortunately I didn’t get chance to write any other blog posts since the previous My Week in Instagram Pics!

That said, please watch this space as I have a few planned posts coming up this week!

So on to this week’s Instagram posts:


Have you read my latest blog?  June Empties  This is a travel size version of the dry shampoo featured in that blog post, which after thinking I’d run out, was quite happy to find I had this hidden in my draw on a busy morning!!!!

Facetune 2

When you get to your hotel room and find these little goodies in the bathroom!

Facetune 3

You wouldn’t believe my excitement when this was delivered today!  I was on a waitlist for this to come back in stock at Cult Beauty since December 2016….in January, 2 days after deciding to start a makeup buying ban until my New York trip in June, I got a very tempting email that it was back in stock.  I resisted!!!  When it was clear I had to postpone my NYC trip I lifted the ban.  That was June!  I think I deserve this palette!!  I  promise to go back onto a makeup buying ban as soon as I’ve rebooked my NYC flights but 6 months of a perfect ban…..I’m pleased with myself!  Have you tried to ban yourself from buying anything?  If so, what?

Facetune 4

I will stop going on about it I promise……but for tonight…………..


First use of my new Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, this has to be the best palette I’ve ever used.  Super soft, blends like a dream.  Wonderfully pigmented and I’m loving it!  Shades used were:  Raw Sienna & Red Ochre in my crease, Cyprus Umber in the outer corner and Tempera on the centre and inner corner. 


Makeup of the day / evening.  I also used a sachet of Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion ‘Eden’ that I’ve had sat in my draw for probably years (unopened of course!).  It’s amazing!  Totally matte and where I have oily lids my eyeshadow doesn’t always last.  This was great and held it perfectly in place with no creasing either!  I know what I’m buying tomorrow!


Fab evening at the DanceRite Britannia Ball and Medal presentation.  Awarded my trophy for my Silver 3 dance latin exam and 3 silver One dance tests.  One more exam in October and I’ve completed my Silver award!


Another night out and another eye look using my new palette.  This is last night’s makeup look for the Britannia Ball and Medal presentation.  Shimmer in the centre of my lid is a gorgeous loose shimmer from the Bella Pierre stack.



Red, white and blue dress code for the Britannia Ball.  Red nails, blue and white dress!   **This post was liked and shared by Max Factor!!  As I write this post it’s had 1500 likes on their page!

So that’s all for this week’s Instagram revisit!

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18 thoughts on “My Week in Instagram Pics

  1. Lulus Palette says:

    Love the recap of Instagram week!! I enjoyed your modern Renaissance looks this week, it’s one palette I wish I had already purchased, I know I will , so late to the party. Ballroom dancing and a makeup addiction is a good little combo I think.. lots of fun creating beautiful and glam looks , which younfonso well

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