Best of Netflix

I was kind of wondering what Netflix has to do with a makeup must have, but it’s part of the challenge so here goes!

There’s 2 of my favourite series on Netflix….Silent Witness and Prison Break.  I find both of these very addictive and have been known to sit and watch one episode after the other!  Prison Break, I initially borrowed from a friend of mine as she had the whole DVD box set….(Netflix only goes up to series 4).  Once I started watching, I had to keep watching and some nights stayed up until 2am just to finish an episode or a DVD, or even the series.

For anyone who hasn’t watched either of these, Silent Witness is a Crime Drama, which follows forensic pathologists finding out what happened to people who have been killed.  It is all fictional but I really get into it! Haha!

Prison Break stars Wentworth Miller who sets out to free his brother played by Dominic Purcell from prison….but from the inside.  It is full of twists and suspense and it exceptionally gripping!   It is said that there is another series being filmed that undoes everything you believed at the end of what was meant to be the final series!    If you haven’t seen any of Prison Break, it is a must watch!  Be warned, it is addictive!

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